Stories with Handcars

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Handcar used for a robbery
Great Locomotive handcar
Topeka Journal 5/16/1905 - Escape the tornado by handcar
Delivery of payroll by handcar - ambushed & robbed!
Late night meetings...up to 50 miles!
A&LE Railroad handcar
The General hit a handcar in the weeds
Handcar used in a crime in 1982
First railraod journey west of the Rockies
Teacher braved snows to travel to school
House calls by handcar from Doctor
Woman Surgeon via handcar
The Indian & The Railroad
The Depression
The Gunslinger
Gilbert "Fats" Wiggins Hamilton
US Naval Operations: Korea
Bank Robbery Update of 1898 in Richland, Michigan
Cattleman shot two on handcar - 1885/1890
Pumping on new rails in Canada
Bank robbers used handcar in 1929
Inspecting the lines in November 1862
Farmington--another robbery got away by handcar
Henry Armstrong
The Fir Handcar Ride in California
Irish Mail
Northern Alberta Railway
Save a handcar
10-12 miles trips at night
Western Story
Going to Church
Read Story #4-The Wedding
May Arkwright Hutton (1860-1915)
Wouldn't that be FUN?!!
Doctor Makes House Calls for Yellow Fever
Pond Crossing
News from 1880
Under Arrest and Taken Away
The Railraod Comes To Pewaukee
Civil War--the Texas Chases the General
Hiding Out
Found! Escaped from ???
Medics after Tornado in 1880
New York the Way It Never Was
Sisters Traveling in 1901
J.B.'s Coal Mine
Working crew with a story for their life!
Caught using one to get away in 1915, New York
Doctor got around by one
Ran over musket
Common in New York
48 mile trip in 1863 to Houston
Robbed 75 years ago of $8.38 (Maryland/Penn.)
Handcar patrol
The Great Silver Robbery
Jessie James - Robbing the Rails
Why not to ride illegally on a handcar
Civil War story (handcar used to carry injured away)
Lake Whatcom
Aptos Station Library

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