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History, Stories & Links (currently unsorted)
My wife & I racing --random photos
Amador Central Railroad Cannonball - video of handcar back down
FOR SALE (08jun2021 new entry) Handcars, Velocipede For Sale
TAMC Purchase of Del Monte Branch Yellow Ribbon Cutting with my handcar
Handcar Sheds
Handcar Safety
Feather River Route PICTURES (old Western Pacific)
Feather River Route MOVIES
Donner Summit (Cleaning up 09mar15)
Scale Models (N, HO, O, G, etc)
Gandy Dancer Pictures
Roaring Camp Railroad
Photos of firing steam engines & working on a CF-7 mixed in
Firing the Shay's and Heisler
Handcars Around the World
Handcar Races
Want to build a handcar?
The Railroad Photographer
My G-Scale Garden Railway

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